Hoopers Island Expeditions is a fishing guide/outfitter company.  We provide fishing guide services for the local waters around Hoopers Island working shallow water on light tackle.  We believe in - keep it simple, old school feel, and take people out fishing and enjoy a day out on the water and the natural beauty of the area.


Striped Bass 

A  striped bass caught and released working shoreline shallows.

Our focus is the shallow water fishery on light tackle for the different species (see our fishing section) native to this habitat and water conditions.  

The trophy fish (striped bass) are migratory, they come into the rivers in the spring, to spawn, leave, and migrate up to the New England coast, and return in December.  

We do not target the spawning class of fish. When we fish in the spring, it is in the areas regulated by the State of Maryland as catch and release during the spring season.


Light tackle Fishing

Working points with 1/4 oz bucktails.


Honga River

Looking out from our dock on Hoopers Island.

For the past twenty years we fished every nook, cranny, cut, stump, structure, creek, and marsh with bait, spinning artificial lures, and fly fishing. We built 20 years of knowledge with logbooks & notes on all things related to fishing - from the tides, water movement, habitat, weather patterns, wind and current movements, water temps, low & high pressure effects, color patterns and contrasts in all conditions and too many more to mention.


Logs & Notes

We have kept detailed logs and notes of all things related to fishing around Hoopers Island for the past twenty years.


Hollands Island

Observing bait and birds.

We also watched a lot of charter and guide businesses come and go. In the mid to late 1990's fly fishing was the hot ticket and there were fly shops and guides everywhere, but over time they closed shop and so did the guides fly fishing. It was a reminder to us to be humble, be authentic, do not take things for granted, and do not try to be everything to everyone. Above all, always do the right thing, be a great steward of the species and environment you fish, and keep your focus on your customers and clients.

Unlike many other guides, we always leave from Hoopers Island and fish the surrounding shallow waters, marshes, back creeks, and cuts; essentially our range is from Taylors Island to Hollands Island.  We do not "follow the fish" (rockfish/striped bass) to different parts of the bay.  This allows us to have an intimate knowledge of the habitat, tides, bait, and an insight to the fishery and patterns in many different conditions and scenarios.