2017 was a great year! Many thanks to our followers, clients, and customers. As you know I do not like posting fishing pics. But at the end of each season I do like to post our fishing stats for the year.

  • Days on the water: 259 in 2017
  • Caught & released just over 6,800 striped bass
  • 39" largest fish, less than 1% of the overall
  • Medium avg size: 22" to 32" 40% of the overall
  • Smaller size: 12" to 22" 60% of the overall

(Note: I personally believe the days of the large striped bass 40" to 50" fish in the Chesapeake Bay are gone, it has been steadily declining since 2008. These are ocean fish - that stay in cooler waters. They are here in smaller numbers during the spring spawn, and then leave to go up the coast of New England for the migration. For several seasons now these larger fish show up in December for maybe a week to two, from a guiding & business perspective, it is not worth even pursuing. We at Hoopers Island Expeditions have purposely built our business and guiding based on the available fishery, not trophy fishing.)

Coming in 2018:

Back in the early 1990's I fished a lot along the Florida coastlines. One year I was fishing in Boca Grande for tarpon, and I could not catch one to save my life. So I started asking the locals where I could go to get some lures. In short order, after a very long walk, I found myself coming up to this rundown shack by the water, but when I walked up to the entrance I was blown way by the materials and handmade lures that were in this shack, till this day one of the best places for lures that I have been to. Inside there were some unassuming gentlemen talking, asked me what I was looking for, I explained what I was doing, and in they quickly paired me up with a couple of handmade lures - that worked. It is that experience that I will not forget.

Over the years I have tied my own flies and bucktails for my personal use. From 1996 to 1999, I only flyfished, and I always liked using tied flies with color variations, with the advances in light tackle gear and line over the last 15 years, in particular braided line, I have applied the same color variations to bucktails. As my clients know, I very rarely use soft plastics - just not a fan of them. We have mentioned this past year we might start selling tackle. However, that experience in Boca Grande, and growing up in Narragansett RI, and in my New England manner -  keep it to the basics, always keeps coming back to me - Meaning - you cannot be everything to everyone.

I will be adding our hand tied saltwater flies, and bucktails for sale in April 2018. They will only be available at our location on Hoopers Island, and we will not sell them in other tackle shops, online, and we will not post pictures of them. In many ways we, or should say, I, am old school. Our flies and bucktails are tied with color patterns for this area. We say that because different areas in the bay use and require different color patterns, for example color patterns that work well around Hoopers Island, do not work as well in the Patuxent River, the difference is night and day.

We look forward to expanding our business Hoopers Island Expeditions. We are slowly crafting and developing the business into the vision we initially aspired to create.

In 2018, we are moving our content to more audio and video posts. I can talk and explain things much better in person than I can writing.

All the best,

Adam Xenides - Owner & Guide/Hoopers Island Expeditions