“Uncle Ben, was my father a good fisherman?”

He smiled and said, “No, Tommy, he was not. But no one loved it more.”

This to me is a conundrum. “No one loved it more.” Isn’t that enough? Who is the better angler, the patient bait soaker under the walls of the Seine, the black woman with the cane pole on Mobile Bay, the aging Russian bureaucrat on the River Volga, or the film producer on the Kharlovka or the flats of Ascension Bay? Let’s be honest: it could be any of the above.”

Excerpt From

The Longest Silence

Thomas McGuane

“But no one loved it more” - that is what angling is about to me, not who catches the largest fish, or only fishes with artificial lures. It is about enjoying the act of fishing and appreciating the whole experience. This is part of the reason we usually do not post fishing pics or push one method over another. We truly enjoy taking first time anglers and families out fishing using bait in the summer and at the same time taking regular customers who travel the world out for a first class trip in remote areas using new and different shallow water tactics.

In the end we are not the ripper of lips, fish number 20, smoked them, filled the deck etc.. we are a simple hard working guide service that truly enjoys sharing the angling experience with our customers and clients.

Looking forward to the 2019 season.

Our 23 ft Maycraft Cape Classic.

Our 23 ft Maycraft Cape Classic.