Fishing Report 6/13/19

The fishing is good. We are mainly catching striped bass, perch, and the occasional speckled trout. Again, for those who do not know - we primarily target shallow water striped bass. We focus on remote areas with good water quality.

If you have the fishing reports for the Chesapeake you have heard the fishing is slow and serious water quality issues. The days of easy fishing are over, and this is why we keep our fishing information close to the chest and not share it publicly. Hey, let’s be honest here, we worked hard, put the countless days in, exploring learning the habitat, and fish behavior, with many, many trial and errors to learn this shallow water fishery over the years. It is during times like this it pays dividends. We are consistently catching fish, and it is because of this we remain low key and continue to keep our head down and fish with an intense focus on all the variables to provide a memorable and fun trip. Tight lines