Holiday Inn: 410-221-9900

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay: 410-901-1234

Airbnb: Search Fishing Creek, MD

Groceries, Food, Subs, Ice & Gas:

Hoopers Island General Store: 410-397-3123

  • General Store provides: gas, ice, groceries, and makes the best subs. Call ahead and order your subs for your fishing trip and pick your ice while you are there.

Seafood & Bait:

Woodland Softcrabs: 410-397-8191 

  • Softcrabs & Peelers

Hoopers Island Soft Shells: 410-829-1755 or 443-205-9462

  • Live and Frozen Soft Shell Crabs

Double D's Softies: 443-521-9594 or 443-521-5869

  • Live/Frozen Softcrabs, Peelers, & Spot

Commercial Fishing Supplies:

Gumby's: 410-463-0398

  • Net hanging, dipper bags, crab scrape bags and more

Hunting, and Charters:

Riverside Lodge on Hoopers Island: 844-477-9277 Toll Free

  • Waterfowl hunts, Fishing Charters, Crab Charters, Lodging, and Family Vacations


Old Salty's Restaurant: 410-397-3752

  • Dine In, Carry Out, and Catering